School of Communication and Journalism

23This course aims at helping students to learn skills in proper Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. The course will also

English for Specific Purposes module focuses on building your confidence to work in an international business environment. It helps you to acquire industry- specific vocabulary items and practice communicative skills to perform successfully in your specific and professional environment.  

General English course focuses on developing students' skills  to express one fluently in written and oral forms in English by applying the formal rules of a language.  The  course assumes that University of Kigali students are already competent in the basic English language skills. Thus, the aim of this course is to encourage students to read, write, listen and speak critically. At the end of this course, students will be able to use grammatical structures to daily communication. 

This course introduces you to the study of communication skills. It teaches you the key concepts of effective communication. You will learn how to communicate using four communication skills  to achieve your maximum benefit of sending a persuasive message and convincing your receiver.  This course will help you to avoid barriers for receiving a message and be an active listener and reader. The course was designed to teach you to improve your communication skills and be able to choose the right medium of communication for maximum impact of your message. You will also learn to use modern communication and the history of communication to empower you to be innovator in communication of 21st century. By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate effectively using the four communication skills, be active listener/reader and choose critically the right medium for your message.