Master of Science in Finance

The aim of this course is to enable you to be able appreciate the derivative market and management of the treasury. This module involves  explaining and valuation of forward contracts, future contracts, Swaps, option contracts and management of the treasury. 

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of this module, you should be able to: 

1. Explain the different terms used in the derivatives market 

2. Compute the forward and future derivatives 

3. Apply the knowledge 0f derivatives to value options and Swaps 

4. Discuss the treasury management functions 

Security analysis and portfolio management is also an investment analysis and portfolio management course aimed to help entrepreneurs and practitioners to understand the investments field as it is currently understood and practiced for sound investment decisions making. Following this objective, key concepts are presented to provide an appreciation of the theory and practice of investments, focusing on investment portfolio formation and management issues. This course is designed to emphasize both theoretical and analytical aspects of investment decisions and deals with modern investment theoretical concepts and instruments.