Concept of Management: meaning, objectives, functions, Principles of management;
Concept of Educational Management: meaning, aims, functions, evolution of the concept of management in education;
Concept of Educational Administration;
Concept of Educational Administration, Management and Leadership;
Theories of Management in Education:
Historical Perspectives of Management Theories.
Origins of Management Theories.
The Early Thinkers and Philosophers.
Traditional and Behavioral Management Theories
Principles of Management in Education.
Authority and Power Relationship.
Conflict Management in Schools.
Organizational behaviour: meaning, objectives, factors affecting OB, disciplines that contribute to the field of OB
Managing a school as an organization: Introduction, group dynamics, key characteristics of groups.
Leading change: introduction, why change processes are difficult, choosing the right drivers for change, managing resistance to change, change management process,
Financial management, HRM in schools, Management of physical resources, Knowledge management, Time management.