I.The vital need for planning, and what happens if planning does not take place
II.Linking procurement planning to organizational strategic orientation
III.Sample plans in procurement, which participants can mold to the needs of their own organizations
IV.The  role of stakeholders during planning
V.The need to research the supply market
VI.The advantages of networking with other procurement officers
VII.The need to relate requirements to budgets

After completing this module, Learners shall be able:

I. To demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and benefits of procurement planning
II. To demonstrate relevant skills in procurement planning
III.Exhibit the required attitude for procurement practitioners

Briefly ,this module looks at:

• The need for procurement planning in the context of both annual procurement plans and individual procurement plans.
•A sample process linked to the budgeting round is provided
•An assessment of the advantages of procurement planning and the consequences of not undertaking procurement planning.
•The role of stakeholders during the planning stage is considered,
•The need to actively research the supply market is explored.