Students’ Welfare Needs: Guidance and counselling, Counseling on career needs, Mental health, Physical health and Disabilities; Social support needs, Financial Problems, Conduct and Behavioural issues, Elements of special needs and gender inclusivity.

 Student Welfare Policy: Monitoring needs of students; Counseling students in need particularly those with disabilities, Protecting students confidentiality, Providing accurate and up-dated advice and guidance to staff and students, Proactively meeting students’ welfare needs in a fair and transparent manner.     

 Students Welfare Programmes: Students welfare, Accommodation services, Reception of new students, Students’ development, Management of residential life, Campus services, Campus food and catering services, Assistance to staff and students in need, Students welfare policy.


Administration of Students Welfare: Students orientation, Functions of Students Welfare Administration – Welfare induction, Development of training and publicity material, maintaining record of interrupting, returning and repeating students, explaining detailed institutional procedures to students, transfer essential useful information, Liaison with on campus and off campus support agencies, dealing with complaints of students, Effective problem solving.