The compensation and rewards as received by employee is proportional to the effort exerted by them.

Besides, several other internal and external factors determine the financial as well as non-financial compensation for them.

Within compensation and reward scenario there are few levels denotes the role and status of employees.

Basically, these levels are based on the parameters of skill, knowledge, capabilities and qualifications of human resources.

Within present HR scenario, different organisations are much devoting their personnel efforts to manage and maintain their compensation and reward system.

Learn about:-

1. Objectives of Compensation and Reward Management

 2. Classification of Compensation and Reward Management 

3. Determinants 

4. Evolving Strategy

5. Different Levels for Payments

 6. Approaches

 7. Important and Worthwhile Trends 

8. Strategy and Design Issues

 9. Emerging Compensation and Reward System in an Organisation.