The course examines educational policy issues in an international context and takes students through issues like educational planning in comparative perspective and education in a changing global context. It addresses the influence of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on learning strategies, management of learning within organizations ant the potential of evaluation to influence organizations and people to be more goal effective.

Indicative Content:

Globalization and education: Education and Growing global market, Benefits and challenges of globalization for education, Impact of globalization on classroom management

 Objectives of Education Policy: Development of human resource through access to education without discrimination, Promotion of culture and Peace, dispense moral, intellectual, Social, Physical and Professional education, Promote Science, Technology and Information and Communication technology,

Essentials of Education Policy: Access, Quality and Relevance as Parameters of Education Policy; Considering education as a sector, Planning and management in short to medium term, Participation of different partners, balancing access, quality and relevance, providing access to women and children from poor families and rural areas, ICT education as an essential component.

Policy for Special Needs: Policy to cover needs of vulnerable sections such as physically and mentally challenges, disabled, orphans, street children, girls, suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Management of Educational Institutions: Management of all type of Educational Institutions such as Primary education, Secondary Education, Vocational and Technical education, Professional education, Higher education on sound Professional lines; Cultural, Social and economic parameters  

Institutional Arrangement for Compliance: Higher Education Council (HEC), National Examination Council (NEC); National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC); National Quality Control System (NQCS);

Financing of Education: Finances for private sector educational institutions; Finances for students such as scholarship, Bursary, Education loan etc; Needs, Issues and Challenges. 

Education Policies and Systems of different Countries: Education policies and systems in developed and developing countries; Modernization without Westernization: the Chinese education experience.