This Module is meant to explain the role of diverse concepts and theories of Psychology and their application in classes or school context as well as in every day life to teacher in-training  and show the interrelationship between the cognitive processes thereby enabling these would be teachers or those already in practice but working to acquire more relevant skills to develop creative abilities and problem solving skills among them (as learners). It is   hoped that they would be able to utilize or apply knowledge on learning theories for an effective teaching and learning process in their  workplace. The Module is intended also to enhance the teaching/learning process base on the concept of learning, transfer of learning, motivation, attitudes, classroom management; memory and forgetting. in the long it is anticipated that teacher-trainees exposed to this Module would be able to demonstrate understanding of the ways and means of developing the skills of  critical thinking among learners. It is therefore in the light of the above that this course is designed to enrich teachers with more knowledge and understanding of cognitive processes and other factors influencing teaching and learning from behavior point of view..