This course examines what conduct society says is deserving of condemnation and punishment. It includes detailed study of prohibited acts.

The object of this course is also that of the incriminations and, through those, of the values protected by the criminal law, of the stakes of the criminal policy related to the processes of incrimination, and of the principles that the creation of the incriminations must respect. The principle of legality, which governs the production of the incriminations, will be in particular examined in its various aspects, in the framework of the progressive displacement of the definition of the criminal law out of the national borders.

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

Determine the elements of an offence in general;
Determine the principles applicable in the qualification of offences;
Qualify the criminal acts under the Rwandan criminal law;
Determine the specific elements of the main offences under the Rwandan criminal law.